Everything. Rests. On. This. Foundation.

From eternity past to eternity future, YHVH has always existed and will always exist. Scripture first presents YHVH as Elohyim, one who is completely capable. Elohyim altso points us to understand God as a community within His own being. This gives a rock solid foundation and becomes and absolute reference for love, wisdom and goodness.

There is something enormous, immeasurable and incomprehensible about YHVH. At the same time it is intimate and vulnerable. De immense power and potential is held in the hands of One who both is and seeks relational closeness. Any relationship is built on the recognition of individual sovereignty and what we call individuality. Since the eternal God faithfully has been both Love and Wisdom, there is a testimony we can become familiar with. Gods works testify of His Nature and His Character.

Even though friendship with YHVH always has been possible, the chosen people (Israel) ended up with an experience of reverence and a certain distance relationally. The reason was found in their own hearts. Moses on the other hand, is described as a friend of God. Joshua also walked closely with God. Enoch is described as one walking intimately with God. David was a man after God’s own heart. Many of the herores of the faith both knew God and were themselves known by Him.

This very personal name of God became a name that was too holy to even utter. It was too pure to speak it out. The actual pronounciation is uncertain since the ancient Hebrew language doesn’t write its vowels. Jewish tradition says you don’t utter this name of God, but rather say Adonai (Lord). Man Jews also just say Hashem (The Name).

When we read Scripture and see the testimony of the eternal God, we learn that He is in no way remote. YHVH has made Himself so close and approachable that He pretty much shouts to our conscience and calls every one of us into friendship with Himself.

What makes YHVH unique is that only He defines Truth, Goodness, Light, Love, Freedom, Wisdom and Hope. Everything He created was good and of an entirely different character than evil. God is pure. He is moral purity. His thoughts are indeed higher than ours. There is always hope and future before Him.

Even though many question God’s abilities, His power and potential, we always end up having to consider His character as the most essential quality. Even if He is immeasurably powerful, the use of this ability ends up being a character issue. In order to truly understand who He is we must get to know both His Nature and His Character.

If we look around and observe creation it becomes obvious that God is the very definition of creativity, diversity, innovation, purpose and life. How exciting it is to ponder and explore the wisdom and the purpose that is given to everything He created. By doing this we also get to know the Creator.

Relationships are obvious and embedded into everything we experience. All that is unique, has identity and individuality, is also bonded together relationally. When God created His final masterpiece was His very own image, mankind, set to steward the earth. Adam and Eve chose to walk away from God’s light and His definition of the world. They sinned. This first broken relatioship between God and man was a reality.

A world that was meant to be whole, healthy, pure and good, became dark, dirty, evil and dangerous. Scripture says we have all sinned and missed the mark when it comes to life’s deepest purpose. We become impure compared with God. Since He is true Love and Wisdom, He also has the right to be Judge. A premise for truly experiencing Life is that we live according to God’s definition of reality.

Even before creation, God made a way back to Himself, should the created beings turn away from Him. A sacrificial lamb was slain before the foundations of the world. This is how Love has dealt with sin and darkness while still upholding the law and moral standards. God let Himself be born into His very creation in order to show us the way. A child was born in a town called Bethlehem. Most of us know Him as Jesus. In His own language He was know as Yehoshuah, or Joshua. This name is comprised of the words that make up the very essence of who He is to us, YHVH and yasha (salvation). The eternal, holy, pure and good God, has Himself come into the world to deliver us from darkness. Salvation means so much more than just rescuing someone away from danger. True salvation means to make whole, to restore and bring back to original intent. We are not saved away from the world we were born in, but become ourselves light that shines in the darkness for many more to see.

YHVH created everything. He has not abandoned it, but has rather redeemed it and will restore it. He loves all of creation.

It is therefore a project with enormous proportions we become part of. YHVH has spoken throughout the ages. Prophets have declared it. We are called back into God’s kingdom. Peace, Joy and Righteousness reign there. This is the eternal kingdom. Everything else will be removed.

God’s judgement was to send the light to the world. Those who love darkness and refuse to live in the light bring judgement over themselves. The Light will increase and the Kingdom will again shine over all of Creation. One day it will all be made new and God Himself will come and dwell among mankind.