God created man in His own likeness. Nothing else in creation has gotten this unique role. Based on the two first premises (YHVH and Truth) we find solid argument that humanity has a very special role in many ways. Scripture clearly tells us that it is something very remarkable to be God’s very image. We’re like a miniature projection of a good God, placed on earth to live intimately connected with Him.

We’re made in God’s image and have abilities and capacities for relationships. Since God created mankind in His own image we also learn how much He values our own choices. Love, by its nature, has its origin in the individual. God shows enormous respect for our ability to govern our own lives. Living in fellowship with others we also need to show the same respect towards ourselves and others. Far too often we’re inclined to want to control others or simply take away their value as an equal. This is something God had to deal with. In the story of Cain and Abel we discover that Cain’s sin also fed the need to control others. He did this by using force. True human worth is something very significant that needs to be addressed. When we make disciples of the nations (ethnos) this becomes a core issue, for the very reason that Jesus gave His life in order to set us free from the sin that also seeks to control. We also need to understand how people grow, from immaturity into maturity. This is also at the heart of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Relationships rooted in love result in stewardship that also develops character.