“Engage Now serves as a catalyst to awaken creation to its intended purpose and step deeper into individual and corporate destiny.  Through media communication and events the message of hope is proclaimed, instilling a deep desire to rise up to a higher call and purpose, resulting in healing and redemption and preparation for a better future now.”


“God’s People fully engaged in God’s Kingdom”


“Calling forth God’s People to engage fully in God’s Kingdom”


Engage Now champions Forerunners and Builders in order to lift up a light and a standard for God’s People. Through Events, Forerunners and Builders pass on vision for Kingdom thinking and inspire people rise up to true Kingdom Living. Media Multiplication is used for further equipping and to spread the message and inspire the multitudes. Ekklesia equipping through convening. Engage Now also seeks to equip individuals and communities through media multiplication.


… indeed they are men who are a symbol …” Zech. 3:8

Individuals that open the door for others to enter into their inheritance. A Forerunner is often a single voice in the marketplace that stands out with the mark of God-given anointing and authority to carry a message to an audience in order to call forth response and action.


Individuals, groups and communities that continue at a place of involvement, whether geographic, demographic or domain focused with the purpose of seeing God’s Kingdom further established are builders. These pursue knowing God’s Word and His ways in their particular expressions and involvement, nurturing a growing expression of the reality of God’s Kingdom come on earth.


Engage Now is ultimately a catalyst movement designed to thrust people, communities and nations into their God-given purpose. Though Engage Now may provide an umbrella identity, the ultimate intent is to give opportunity for new initiatives and gatherings that center around God, His Word and His Ways, Carrying the Light of God – a Radiance Movement. Initiatives and other outcomes born out of Engage Now dynamics may keep a relational connection to Engage Now, but will, legally, structurally and in any other way be set free to grow and develop into God’s purpose.