Value obligates. Being created in God’s image makes humanity unique. The value we have by being God’s image lead, alongside our abilities, to a responsibility, or simply an ability to respond to, and according to, value.

Our responsibility is God’s gift to mankind. This is how we can express our love for God, other people and all of creation. Just imagine if you recognized a potential and were completely incapable of realizing it! God has enabled us to respond according to value. Responsibility then, is a positive opportunity, not a burden. Another way to see responsibility is as potential. God created mankind so He could be the source of all blessing and goodness. As we get to know the Truth our potential lies in living up to our understanding, taking responsibility in other words. We are conceived and enter this world as valuable human beings, but also innocent and immature. There is no responsibility placed on a newborn child. Children are born and first need to learn to be before they can do. As they grow in their identity and are trained, a framework for their potential is created. People that grow up in the Truth are prepared for a life in true liberty. Since we have been created to walk by faith and love, this is certainly not automatic. Every individual must him or herself choose to respond and take responsibility. Many factors play a role in this, but the God-given potential is something we all have.