Does Truth exist? Moving from our first premise (YHVH) this becomes a consequence. Jesus sad that He is the Truth. The Word (logos) that created is Truth itself. In Hebrew we have the word emeth which translates firmness, faithfulness, truth, sureness, reliability, stability, continuance. From Greek we get aletheia which translates objectively, in reality, truth, in fact, certainly. Having Scripture as our guide it is obvious that Truth exists. We also learn that Truth is a person, with the implication that Truth is relational. Whilst being relational it is also an absolute reference, objective, established and trustworthy. Pilate posed the well known question while Jesus was Himself standing before him: “What is truth?” Many have asked the same question, but not everyone is willing to commit to their discoveries.

Truth exists. We find it in the spiritual, soulish and material realms .We are at total liberty to disagree, but are then also faced with the consequences. Apart from Truth we walk in darkness, where confusion, death, destruction, hopelessness and emptiness reign.

The essence of Truth is the very existence of God. Creation is built on this foundation. For this reason we can also expect to get understanding of who God is in creation itself. The more we get to know God for who He really is, the more we can live in harmony with Truth, not out of step and in conflict.