Welcome to your Five-fold

Ephesians chapter 4 lists five unique gifts that are given by God in order to build His body, the called out ones, also described as 'ecclesia'. These are the ones that have been called out of darkness into the light; God's eternal purpose. The context of these gifts are the very being of God. He is their origin and they have an eternal purpose. Through the redeemed they are again restored to their God-given purpose.

You will find a range of statements that you need to evaluate. The intent is that they aid you in clarifying which of the gifts are potentially the strongest in your life. The five that are listed in Ephesians are: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher.

As with all assessments of this kind it remains your responsibility to steward the information you receive. This may be helpful for your further growth and development, and for assisting you in going deeper in God's purpose for your life.

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All the best!

I like to shape opinions.

I frequently seek to bring peace and harmony.

The interpersonal is natural for me.

I very much enjoy being a messenger.

I enjoy teaching.

It is very hard for me to compromise my convictions.

Being an instructor suits me well.

I am adventurous

I am comfortable with what is abstract.

I come across as inspiring.

I like to interpret and discover meaning.

I want to fight for an important cause.

I enjoy recruiting and mobilizing people.

I sense a calling to get people back to God and Truth.

I am passionate to share about the Gospel/Kingdom of God with other people.

I am future oriented

I see myself as a messenger.

Others come to me when they need help.

An innovative idea must be implemented

I long for reformation.

I enjoy solving problems

I often enter a parental role in my relationships.

Starting something new inspires me

I use a lot of my time thinking and philosophizing.

A God-given calling requires action

I very much enjoy doing research.

I enjoy marketing and sales.

I am an entrepreneur type of person

If something is wrong in a situation, I am the one who speaks up about it, or I am strongly drawn towards speaking up.

I often feel that I go against the current.

Once I have an idea I want to create a movement around it

Pioneering is natural to me

I don't consider myself when I help others.

I am engaged and animated when I communicate.

I like sharing my insights with others.

I come across as knowledgeable.

I often seek to communicate my message through my gifts.

My way of thinking often comes across as revolutionary.

I long for others to be healed and restored.

I am a storyteller.

I enjoy creating culture

I like to learn from the past.

I enjoy helping others.

It comes natural for me to get involved with people that struggle.

Winning others to believe what I believe is natural to me.

I am relational and seek community.

I always seek the best for everyone.

I can see what needs to change in a situation

I have a need to protect and defend others.

I am a keen observer.