Radiance – Give God Glory

The God of Creation is a loving community of persons who always seeks the highest good. God is not self-seeking, but essentially a self-giver. In His love, He gives and in His holiness he is confident that He is not seeking a selfish end, but the highest end of all. This is why he commands us to place Himself at the center of our lives as the God we worship. As we do, we will be marked by his attributes, qualities and character. Made in His image, we are learners, curious to explore and discover. This is best done in a context of true relationship to which the spiritual fortresses of deception are the greatest enemies. Every human being glorifies God the best by living fully and being fully connected to God as the source of life. Glory is the fullness and the character of God put on display. Jesus Christ came to dwell on earth to bear witness to the truth and to reveal the Father. Scripture explains that our lives that were lost due to sin are now found in Christ alone.

Giving is the first initiative in a relationship based reality.

God is the central being to all of existence.

Glory is the reality of God giving first put on display through our own lives.

Radiance is therefore simply a recognition of the life of God. It cannot be institutionalized or fully captured in the imagination of man, but the intent and the direction we must all champion. It is not an organization or a corporate body defined by humans, though some may seek to do so.

We are all created with this purpose, and as we truly live we will indeed fulfill it. Many are still living in the dark and must be invited into the light. It is by looking to God, the source, we will be equipped and empowered to fulfill the purpose we were created for. He is the source and as we respond the glory will be poured out.

Give God Glory!