We don’t like it because it totally shakes the current situation to the core. Many nations around the world are currently in bondage. They are caught in a slavery that keeps them from flourishing. The potential of many nations around the world has been taken captive by the institutional powers that refuse to believe in their own, but rather draws all life out, leading to despair and hopelessness.

Look around and watch what happens when crisis strike around the world. Terrible weather, earthquakes, flooding, famine. We have settled to believe that large institutional responses are the most effective, that government funding of relief efforts bear the most fruit and that things could not be better. Granted in the midst of all these efforts there are many who sincerely give their best to serve others. The question is: Can this be the best way?

Consider what happens in environments that encourage capitalism, versus those of socialism or communism. The biggest threat capitalism has is that of immorality and loss of sustainable ethics. Embedded is however also the opportunity to express great morality and ethics. In a Marxist/communist environment the redistribution of wealth takes all the life out of such genuine efforts.

Big institutions and structures tend to remove the individual’s incentive to contribute and rather turn them towards self-preservation. When, on the other hand, there is opportunity for reward in return for one’s efforts, the incentive to contribute is much greater.

God often talks about reward in return for effort and the principle of sowing and reaping goes through the Scriptures.

The book of Revelation says “… and they shall bring the glory and the honour of the nations into it;” (Rev 21:26 YLT)

Scripture tells us “there is not here Jew or Greek, there is not here servant nor freeman, there is not here male and female, for all ye are one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28 YLT)

Jesus has restored an internal aspect that sees the image of God as one in Christ. It is a value statement that enables us to function properly. This doesn’t remove the already made definitions and boundaries. We still have ethnic belonging and we are still male and female – how else can we honor and understand marriage? How else can husbands and wives receive specific instruction by Paul?

Jesus hasn’t done away with nations. He has enabled them to BE nations, to rise up and let glory shine forth once again. This is also the promise in Revelation.

God warned His people against wanting a king that would rule them. Systems would be established that would lead them into despair. Their wealth would be taken away from them, wealth intended to be used as blessing. When He taught them His ways, He taught them about reset-cycles, a time of jubilee where property and liberty would be restored to the rightful owner.

God’s inheritance is the nations. Jesus died for people, nations and all of creation. He said we are to make disciples of all nations. God is their rightful King and He rules through His internal kingdom in our hearts.

When we get a glimpse of the Heavenly kingdom, we shouldn’t be surprised if God starts shaking off the shackles that hold entire nations captive. God’s nation map looks very different than the ones we often look at. The STATE has become a Babylonian captivity for many nations in the world. Let it not, then come as a surprise if state-powers are dethroned, so that God can rule through His people. God is longing to see the glory and potential of the nations rise up.

Behind many state-powers are spiritual guardians and principalities, desperate to hold on to their power over peoples. In this time, we must stay in tune with what God is doing. There will be times when the rising of a people is God’s doing. We often think that the formation of a STATE is their highest good. In the Bible, this only meant trouble, captivity and slavery, never fulfillment of God’s highest intentions.

The glory of nations will be seen when the people and their communities take main stage. Then God, who rules from the inside out, can express His glory. The state should have been a servant, but far too often took main stage and thus gave space for the spiritual powers to rule.

Government should and must be limited. Power corrupts so easily the unredeemed heart.

Let your awakening come God! Deliver the nations from their bondage and bring glory to your name!