The entire world seems preoccupied with making large sweeping moves that shake nations and geographic regions. The only way to do this is through the use of power. True change doesn’t happen that way, but we don’t seem to care. We are so caught up in the now and the urgency of human endeavor that we forget to invest in eternity. The news is filled with preoccupation around individual rulers, as if they are the only way to change. Are we cultivating a perverted dependence on an outside power to rule us and ‘save’ our nations? This is not going to work, and all we do is open the door to slavery.

It is time we start taking responsibility and govern what we have been given to govern. Our own lives must be sorted out first. Sin is the issue that we must deal with. Jesus gave us the solution on the cross. He gave His life and overcame the powers of death, so that we can have freedom to love and govern our lives.

In order to steward inheritance we must take responsibility. Whether it is human potential, financial resources, land or anything else, these are our opportunity to display the Kingdom of God. Love and wisdom go hand in hand. These flow from the inside and outward. We cannot and must not cultivate this external dependence on structures and leaders to do what we will not do. Jesus said clearly that the Kingdom is inside us. One reasy why socialism is so popular today is because so many have not been taught God’s ways and wisdom to steward their own inheritance. We want others to take care of what we think we cannot and we want the state to do what we will not trust God for. This is idolatry and we will find that as shaking happens we are confronted with our worldview. It is no time to be naive and think God has altered His Kingdom so we can go around and do nothing. At the end of Socialism is slavery and death. At the end of God’s Kingdom are life and liberty.

If we live for bread and circus, we will embrace and call for the increase of state and government intrusion into our lives. Jesus is the one who will transform us into givers again. Self-centered people only care about what they can get. The rudiments are so simple, but we refuse to accept it and continue moving along the path to slavery. Civil Government was only given to uphold justice and protect the righteous – not to take our opportunites and responsibilities.

We need to pray for an awakening in our nations, that people will turn to Jesus, that they will read the Scriptures and that the Love and the Wisdom of God will again bring glory to Him! The awakening will turn our hearts, and the Scriptures will teach us His ways as the Holy Spirit teaches us. Then we can steward our inheritance. The Kingdom of God is inside!