“Experts” are divided over the age of the universe. “Science” has come to certain conclusions and is also divided. History is an unfolding story. Bible believing Christians stand on a wealth of premises that are historically proven and a convincing evidence that the Creator indeed made it all very good.

A basic premise in our belief is that the way God made it is the best way. When He said “very good” it also means beneficial and excellent. He set in motion the cycles and natural dynamics of seeds – nourishment – growth – fruitfulness – decomposition – new seeds – new life and so forth. Whenever we look for quality in a product we seek to understand its nature and what will benefit its proper development in the best way. Nutrient density comes from a beneficial and excellent environment, which is exactly what God created.

Today we rather want speed and size. We are eager to profit from our labor and the faster and bigger, the sooner we get income. Many are starting to realize that there may be a back side to this, that the consumer is not benefiting from this in the long run. Alongside faster and bigger, we have discovered ways to bypass a proper development cycle, involving synthetic chemicals and toxins that are meant to secure the crop.

Face it, much of the process our food goes through is not to benefit the consumer, but rather the manufacturer and the reseller. Shelf life is prolonged by adding preservatives. Preservatives are there to keep certain natural processes from happening, such as molding and decomposing. Some preservatives will also keep other life from happening and when it gets into the human body it has a negatie effect on our health.

A good scientist will have a bigger worldview than just the empiric and material world. If not it is like being inside a cave, defining existence based on only what you have seen and measured. As the cave grows all your views of existence change. You only need to take a couple of steps back and open your eyes to see the marvel of design and purpose.

Pure and clean, lifegiving and healing, was God’s original design, excellent in all its ways. Because we live in a time where we have gotten used to chemicals and human intervention on multiple levels, we don’t know normal any more. Today God’s way seems to be the alternative way, not the common way. It is sad that we have come so far that we always have to safeguard that we get a product that is actually brought forth in the most original way possible. If it looks like an apple it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s all good for you.

Many that are engaged with such development unfortunately don’t hold to the Biblical Worldview. They are just looking to expand their cave and explore and discover new ways to do things. God’s intention was always that He wanted to create together with us, not apart. When we create with God we draw from His guidance and wisdom and the outcome is always in the context of good and very good, for God, for society and for creation. Sin has corrupted the human heart and we do so many things apart from God.

The norm is still the pure and clean organic development of food. The common thing has become something else, it still is not the norm and shouldn’t be considered normal either. The produce that ought to be marked are those with toxins. This is not the way it is today, but our mindset should still be that God’s way is the normal way. He made it all very good and if we want to be good scientists and stewards we seek to rediscover God’s way.

If we start investigating what is truly happening in the nations when it comes to stewardship of land, we are in no way running out of farming space. What is happening is that we are creating a very unhealthy environment on the earth by monocropping, reducing biologic diversity in areas, adding toxins to crops, soil, air and water which ends up affecting microbiology and so forth. It is by departing from God’s way we bring the curse of famine and shortage. In our desperation we escalate the problem by trying to solve it by digging further in our cave. Step back and look! There is a designer. Things started our beneficial and excellent. They will return to this state once again and God is calling His people to be a voice for His loving purpose. Do we really see God as relevant to our challenges today? He is indeed! He created it all.

Organic is normal, because the Creator made it that way.