Our youth and children have grown up thinking they are animals, that happiness is about feeling good and being entertained. Likewise they too often don’t know how to handle negative emotions and tantrums and rage are often the norm. With the parenting framework that is often given, most mothers and fathers have no idea how to deal with their young ones. If we cannot expect people to be internally governed. If there is no such thing as taking responsibility. If there is no such thing as sin – we are in trouble. We have strayed far from the truth and will experience the consequences thereof.

So parents end up dealing with their children based on a materialistic / animalistic framework. You get punished for using corrective discipline and consequences, and anything the child disagrees with is considered intolerant. The little animal has become a deity to be worshipped. They are robbed from their own dignity and human worth by being treated as less than human. Worse than that they are allowed to indulge in the very things that bring both their own destruction and eventually society’s breakdown.

When we don’t believe in truth we cannot lay down premises that will sustain life and community. Every individual is a law unto him or herself. This is anarchy. We all know anarchy doesn’t work, so we accept the heavy hand of government and institutions because we don’t know how to govern ourselves. Without truthful premises we are blind and cannot see that we are trapped until the shape of the cage is clearly outlined before us. People with understanding will be able to analyse and evaluate statements and sentiments far before they become mainstream reality. Then it is already too late.

What we can do is to reach out to this lost generation and give them hope that things can change and that change starts with their own repentance. We must keep building and keep instilling the premises of truth. In order to to do this we must ourselves get before God and go to the Scriptures to rediscover God’s ways! They are always right.

Let us repent ourselves and get before God. He hasn’t given up, nor should we. In the darkest hour the light will shine the brightest. A bride is being prepared and she will be victorious! Christ is our reward!