Legend has it that Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany on the 31st of October 1517. This symbolized the beginning of a far-reaching reformation that has impacted the entire world. We do well to acknowledge that no human being apart from Jesus Christ has been the very incarnation of truth, and like with anyone else we ought to listen to Luther’s voice, but the person we must look to is Jesus. Luther did confront many of the issues that had settled in the institutional framework. Many were captive to tradition and thinking that far from conformed to that of Scripture.

We do well to learn the lessons from history and continue learning. The aim of our pursuit is a person. Only in Him will we truly find fulfillment and purpose. As we remember and celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther, let us count him as a significant vessel in the eternal purposes, but let us not make him an idol to be worshipped. Christ alone must be the center of our attention.

May we also be inspired by the conviction and courage that Luther displayed before his contemporaries. This is truly Christ-like and ought to draw our attention to the Most High King. He is worthy of our undilluted devotion. May our hearts not be divided by the leaven of our day, but purified and consecrated for one purpose.

Have you been confronted by the heavenly theses over your own life? Where is our allegiance today? Let us be quick to repent and run to our Savior! The Kingdom of Heaven is here and the King is calling His people forth once more.

Is Jesus truly our only source? Are we walking by faith? Do we really believe that Scripture is reliable and relevant in all areas of life?

It is time to awaken the Body of Christ to fullness! We need more reformation and we need a deep spiritual awakening. God is preparing His bride. Let us give our best for Him!