Most of the world is not even remotely engaged at the heart of this issue. For the follower of Jesus that takes Scripture seriously we find numerous mentions of this issue. From the time in the garden the paths were set before humanity. Life or death, liberty or slavery, love or sin, what will you choose. There is a very significant value statement in these as our eternal destiny hinges on the path we choose.

The battle is spiritual and has been since before the dawn of our age. We see it play out on so many arenas, often pertaining to politics or religion. Religion has to do with influence on the deepest level, while politics relates to laws and the enforcement of these.

A basic premise in Biblical Christian faith is that of growing into maturity. God early on gave the dominion mandate, implying we would be discipled and grow into maturity in our expression as God’s image on earth. Dominion calls for a domain of authority, something which is mine to steward. God’s plan was that all the earth would be teeming with life and God-expressions, almost like a living temple with sweet incense rising up all over.

When we abandon or lose the freedom to have dominion, someone else rules our portion. All over the world we see this battle, among neighbors and among people in places of power.

Civil Government as most know it today was never even meant to be there. God intended to rule the earth through relationship with individuals that covenanted together. Because Civil Government is about upholding justice, thus enforcing power, this power has lead to corruption of hearts and thinking, where we today have government involvement in areas never intended.

It has been said before and must be stated again. Power easily corrupts the heart, and an unredeemed person is almost bound to be bent by this. We therefore have an almost certain cause-effect dynamic, which was never intended. Sin is bondage and people then follow the teachings of spiritual powers, worldviews with certain implications.

As we look at the global situation we see there are some issues that seek to enslave people, not liberate. The climate issue is one of these. It is very important to identify the real implications of the ideas promoted. We also need to carefully consider the messengers and their personal lives and character. As we start asking questions and doing research we often find that there is lack of transparency and inconsistencies that lead us to understand there is hipocrisy.

The issue is ultimately one of controlling people and having power over others.

We have much work to do in discipling ourselves and others to be good stewards of God’s creation, but placing the whole world under a global slave master is not the solution.