Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends

With the many shaking events the global community is unable to help everyone as the events unfold. What is happening is that the news are all over the current major event and as it fades and is blurred by another big crisis, people are forgotten and left behind by the global community. We can pray and some are moved to go, but in the majority of the cases it is going to be an opportunity to awaken the love among neighbors and people in the local community. Some are hit and hurt by the crisis while others have resources to bless others with. Regardless of situation we can all become givers. This is the opportunity to break down dividing walls and step in and help neighbors and suffering people. God is the only one who goes global. For the rest of us, most have arms and legs. Everyone has a heart and a mind, able to be God’s instrument to bring hope and healing. The moment of darkness can be turned into flashes of light! Shaking is an opportunity to shake of the dirt and selfishness in our own hearts and reach out to help others. One day we may be the needy ones. Beyond it all, we have an opportunity to testify of the one power that sustains all of creation – the power of true, heavenly love. Most long for it, and now is the opportunity to give it.

When crisis hits, be determined to love!