My daughter, I have called you by name. I have washed you clean and raised you up to be a beautiful woman in my family. I blessed you with abundance. You knew where the wealth came from. I stood there before you and watched you grow up. It brought such joy to my heart. I was rejoicing and thinking of all we would to together.

Then, as time went by, you started looking away from me. I kept trying to get your attention, but for some reason your heart didn’t stay with me. You looked to your own beauty and thought it was your own work. You took credit for what I had done for you and started boasting of your own strength. My heart was hurting as I saw you slip away despite my calls for you to return.

It will never lead to blessing to wander around on your own. Many will take advantage of you and you will find yourself like a filthy prostitute, one day crying out for someone to help. You cannot help yourself out of this situation. You have turned away from your only Savior. I keep calling on you and you will not listen. How deep do you need to go before you will again turn to me?

I have sent the nations to you as a blessing. You become afraid, but I have a purpose in mind. Will you embrace the nations I have sent to you? Will you share your wealth with them and help lift them up to know me and my ways?

I see a small remnant in the land. My mercy is still over the land because of their faithful prayers.

You have a promising future if you turn from your wicked ways and come to me. I am calling you to repent and come back to me. Will you come? I am preparing a bumpy ride for you should you continue straying away from me. My heart is to bless you, but the ones who only look to their own interest will not prosper.

Norway, there is still time to turn around. Mercy is still there. I am calling you to return to the Father!