As followers of Jesus we are fully aware that there is an immense attack against Him and his followers. This is the age old cosmic battle in which humanity plays a part. Adam and Eve opened the door when they submitted to the teaching of the serpent. This broke the relationship with God, the source.

Every day we stand on the battleground and fight. Our freedom was won back by Jesus. As we draw from Him and realize that our lives are hidden and found in Him alone we will find strength to fight.

All around us we are bombarded with messages that seek to take us out of His presence. In Jesus our purity is restored. Through the influences around us we constancly face the depravity that seeks to tear down the walls of our lives and communities. They are false teachings! Jesus warned against these in Matthew 16.

Whether it is what people think about marriage, family, gender, migration, nations, politics, health, intimacy or anything else, we must guard our heart and take every thought captive. The restoration comes through fellowship, worship, prayer and Scripture. With learning and growth comes repentance, turning away and changing our thinking.

There are broken families and we must love those that grow up in them, but we must still proclaim the Kingdom, or there is no plumbline, no foundation.

What people think and proclaim about gender issues is the result of destroyed foundations and brokenness. We must still proclaim the hope that is in us, Jesus Christ. He created all things good and made them male and female. Doing away with this is doing away with God. We’re the ones who get in trouble. He is still there.

It seems to be some people’s objective that children should be exposed to the perversions of sinful flesh as early as possible. Where did innocence and purity go? Violence, pornography, broken relationships and unnatural social constructions come at us from every angle. Children have the right to grow up in a safe place which protect them and guide them into true wellness and holeness. It is not logical to think we can develop our society by destroying the beauty within a little child. This proves the spiritual root of this evil. We must fight to protect our little ones!

Be vigilant in holding the standard high! Let the holiness of God so impact you and the plumbline of Scripture be what you meditate on day and night. It will be for your protection. And finally, it will inspire others and you will be a witness from a different world, bringing hope to the captives.

We must live the radical life!