Followers of Jesus may have the same love in their hearts, but the discipleship of the mind and transformation of life are lacking unity!

There are spirit teachers that work through any means they can to influence us and keep us from engaging with God’s purpose. When we mix our Christian faith with other religions, we have syncretism, and eventually it will break down our faith.

Evolution has mixed in the self-reliant thinking that ends up excluding God as a factor in the transformation. This is a complete fallacy as it ends up being a materialistic human/creation centered worldview. It is contrary to the Bible and places us in a camp of deception.

Escapism largely draws its thinking from the roots of Greek philosophers and has no care for actual creation, only rescuing souls for heaven and eternity. Though vital, it excludes central promises given by God and ends up working against God’s agenda, leading people to be disengaged in changing individuals, cultures and nations today. It displays a largely irrelevant and disengaged God, making Him ever more unattractive to the unbeliever.

Resurrection is God’s specialty and puts Jesus Christ at the center of all things. Without Him we can do nothing and in Him our past is dealt with, our present has hope and the future has direction that is of eternal significance. Only through the resurrection power of Jesus will we see individual healing and transformation. Only through Jesus will we see communities, cities and nations truly changed. In the manner he makes you and I a new creation, He is also making all of creation new. That implies a RE-Newal, with a continuation of that which is GOOD and a discontinuation of that which is EVIL. God is purifying and cleansing all things created. Some will need significant healing, resembling shaking. Others will need realignment. The Biblical Narrative is resurrecting the dead to live again. We are witnesses unto a God who cares about all things, not just a select few “spiritual” things. Our difficulty is to embrace this and realize that discovering God’s ways is of essential importance to see His Kingdom restored on earth.

When the goodness of God is revealed it is expressed both through the HOW and the WHAT we do – LOVE and WISDOM go hand in hand to produce the fruit which is called GOODNESS.

God is stirring people to awaken to see things the way He does. We are about to see a wave of missions all across society that reveals the true God to all of humanity. He has paid a price to ransom His creation and deserves everything. The powers of darkness have been exposed and the Body of Christ is rising up!

Let us pray and labor together with Jesus as the only head and the Bible as our map!