If a majority of followers of Jesus believe that God’s law and the ways of God were made obsolete through the obedient life of Jesus and hist death and resurrection, we have a dilemma. Lawlessness wreaks havoc on communities around the world, including the virtual ones. What do we have to give in response? Cheap grace? Grace that in no way upholds the value of the humanity Jesus gave his life for? How can we, when Jesus actually raised the bar as he internalized the legal requirements of the law, say that he did away with the basic design requirements of God’s creation?

The average Christian has nothing to offer the world, except cheap grace. We have somehow done away with any design requirements, while Jesus died to restore our ability to live up to them. The gentile follower of Jesus has little or no context to fit the new covenant into. We are largely missing the beginning of the story and thus stand with a piece hanging in loose air unless we embrace the whole story.

Could this be why we are so impotent in discipleship and manage to impact society only to a small degree?

Which of the Ten Commandments should we abolish after Jesus died and rose again? Scripture says: none.

The big point of the Gospel is that we are now ENABLED to fulfill every design requirement! God created humanity and He has given the solution for it’s salvation and restoration.

Yes, the letter of the law kills! But the spirit of the law is LIFE! Jesus is the one who broke the power of death so that the Spirit of Life can live in us.

Do we stumble and do battle? Yes, of course. It doesn’t do away with the glorious reality that Jesus has disarmed the powers, and the lives we have, hidden in Him, when found, are lives of victory and healing. Our personal experience can not determine theology. Scripture is our reference! What a privilege we have that this amazing revelation has been made available to us. Let us get into Scripture and allow the Spirit to breathe life in every word.

We need to support one another and help lift each other up, out of discouragement and into the healing presence of God. May the love of God reach our innermost parts and truly set us free! God is indeed good!